Welcome, dear curious being,

If you are here it means you received a letter from another equally curious being that you may know, or may have never met before.  The link between you two, for now, is curiosity and, quite possibly, an interest in literature.

Right now you have just received a letter and want to know why. Here is why – somebody thought of you.  Without knowing you or having ever met you, they wanted you to feel connected and to remind you that no matter where or who you are, where you came from, no matter what happened to you, no matter how you feel right now, that you are not alone.  Ever.  Or have you ever been alone. We, all humans, are interconnected. And you, dear reader, are part of all of us and we are part of you.  Each part being equally important part to any other. We did not forget about you.

If you wish to send a letter to another person who you feel might need a reminder that they are loved and thought of, or a person who you don’t know but want to include in this, all you need to do is follow these guidelines and become a Junior Phostmaster of Post from a Ghost:

  • Create a nickname using the name of your favourite book character as a first name, and the name of a favourite author as a surname.
  • Put the Post from a Ghost symbol anywhere on the envelope.
  • Sign the letter with either the name of the author the words you are using are from and the symbol, or just the symbol, if the words come from an unknown source.
  • Write the link to this page on the letter so that the receiver knows what he or she has become a part of.
  • Put the address of the receiver, a stamp and send the letter.
  • You can send to any part of the world.

As Junior Phostmaster you will have the great responsibility of making a fellow human being feel important and connected to the world. Your tools will be a pen and a piece of paper, your source of light will be your Heart. The words that want to be written down will come to you – you will find them in books, myths, folklore, tales and experiences, your own and fellow humans’.

Post from a Ghost is a non-profit movement. It aims not at making any individual richer in money or possessions. It does not desire fame or glory, not even admiration. Its only purpose on our blue marble of a planet is to inspire, and for that it needs generosity of spirit. Your generosity.

If you have not yet located your own generosity, dear reader, it is permanently resident in an interesting, and quite important, organ within the human body more popularly known as The Heart.  A little known fact about the human heart is that it can create light. Not only to light the path of its owner but to light the path of everything and everyone it comes in contact with.For this reason, the symbol of Post from a Ghost is a combination of two runes coming from one of the earliest known written languages on Earth – ancient Sumerian.  The two symbols are the one of the heart and the one of the sun.


Farewell, dear reader.  Keep the light alive and pass it on.